What happens during a closet edit?

What happens during a closet edit?

After our session, you will receive an interactive look book of all of your outfits… getting dressed each morning will take seconds.  Imagine you click on a pair of shoes and possible outfits popup!! 

You’ll be amazed with the end results… It will be effortless for you to look great and feel confident every day!!!

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Stop saving your clothes for "good".... enjoy them now!!

 I always worked really hard to be able to buy really nice clothes.  So when I would finally acquire the items, I didn’t want to mess it up.  I would end up keeping them “for good” and never got the most possible enjoyment out of these investment items. 

There were plenty of times I forgot that I had these precious items.  When the occasion was finally right to put on such a piece sometimes they didn’t fit as well as they did when I purchased it or it was out of style and it didn't look current. 

Moral of the story… there is no day like today to put on something special! 

Here are a few tips to getting those items in your outfit rotation

  • Pull out 3 items you save for “good” hang them on the door or in the front of your closet and wear them within the next week.

  • Dress down a piece if you feel it’s a little dressy for your daily life with casual basics like a white tee, jeans, or sneakers.

  • It’s finally getting warmer out so pair a frilly dress with a pair of flat sandals and a denim jacket... go out and have some fun!

This is now I have been enjoying some of my "good pieces"

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fringe skirt style advice
marant dress fashion advice
philip lim lace top style advice

Stylish shoes don't have to be a sore subject

I love shoes!!!!  They are probably my favorite thing to shop for myself and for clients!!!  Shoes still fit if you gained you gained a few pounds and if you take good care of them they will last a very long time so I don't feel guilty splurging on them!   My clients love shoes too...but recently they have been a sore subject ( did you know I was that corny?)  I’ve had lots of conversations about foot pain, heel height, blisters... I could go on and on!

I know a thing or two about foot pain… I am 5 feet tall , moonlighting as someone that is 5'5.   I've spent my life walking many avenues to the closest subway, standing at events for 10 hours, and walking for miles on end at trade shows .  Instead of being in a constant state of pain, my vain self has learned to shop for shoes that are comfortable.  I refuse sacrifice style for comfort, so it’s a good thing that there are so many great comfy stylish options this season. 

Click here to see my picks for comfy stylish shoes

I’ve also included a bunch of closed toe options for ladies who need to keep it a little buttoned up at the office. 

comfortable shoes stylist.png
shopper shoes comfort
stylist shoes comfortable

You Are Worth Full Price… Best investments from Bloomingdales Friends & Family Sale

You Are Worth Full Price… Best investments from Bloomingdales Friends & Family Sale

You Are Worth Full Price… Best investments from Bloomingdales Friends & Family Sale

When you learn how to identify and fill your clothing needs with the right choices it become much less important how much an item costs. You must love what you wear and wear what you love… now that’s a good deal!!

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