What's your personal style?

What’s your personal style?

I’ll wait. Really think about it for a minute…

It’s probably not easy to define. In fact, I’d say most women would not be able to tell you what their style is right off the bat. They may hem and haw and come up with a few unconvincing generic descriptors of what they think their style is.

That’s totally OK because that’s where I come in. My superpower is being able to get the right information from you and identifying your personal style. I know the right questions to ask, I know what makes you self conscious about talking about your style, and I know that it’s important details in your life that have the most impact on what your style is.

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I wanted to share with you a few of the biggest things you should consider when defining your personal style. These are in no particular order, and if you decide you want to dive in a little deeper, I’m always available for a consult!

What did you wear in high school/college? 

What trips up most women when it comes to identifying their personal style is that they don’t know what their style is NOW. They probably had a better idea of what their personal style was before kids, before the pressures of work, and back when we had a little more fun with clothes. So dig deep and remember back to high school/college to remember a little about your personal style then.

What does your lifestyle require of your clothes? 

Are you a nanny or a teacher who’s bending down to tend to kids and probably NOT wanting to show off your butt crack? Are you stepping it up at the workplace but don’t have a lot of time to plan outfits that impress? Are you a nursing mom who would just destroy a silk dress with a little milk leakage?

If you’re married, what did your wedding dress look like? 

Your wedding dress is a window into your personal style. Dresses can be fun and flashy, sophisticated and sleek, or anything in between. Your wedding dress can really capture what style makes you feel your best. 

How do I want to be perceived? 

What you’re trying to portray to the world makes a difference. You may love your flouncy sundress that makes you feel fun and carefree, but if you never wear it because you want to be taken seriously and seen as powerful, then it’s probably not going to be a pillar piece of your style. It’s good to know what you’re comfortable wearing in different situations so that you can build your personal style around those items giving you a versatile wardrobe you love.

How much maintenance are you willing to do? 

Let’s be honest here, we all have different thresholds when it comes to household chores. If trips to the dry cleaners or meticulous ironing aren’t your thing, you’re going to want to avoid clothes that need that level of care. Be honest, if you’re a wash and wear kind of gal, own it!

Who is your style icon and, most importantly, why? 

Do you love the way Jennifer Anniston’s look seems effortless? Are you digging Michelle Obama’s classy looks? Is it the fun and edginess of Lady Gaga that caught your eye? Here’s the thing, these folks know how to dress to accomplish this style. They know what works for them and what makes them feel good. You can absolutely be inspired by these women, just make sure that it is done in a way that also fits you. (and I’m going to go ahead and just say no to a meat dress…) A few of my favorites are Victoria Beckham, Jenna Lyons, and Olivia Palermo. The majority of what they wear revolves around a killer hell ( not very practical for my lifestyle), but I look to them for interesting color combinations, mixing or patterns and textures, and chic accessories.

If you still need help identifying your style, I have many more questions where those came from, and I am happy to help! The important thing is to think about your style and how it will function. 

Think about when you go furniture shopping. If you’re like most people, you take a look around the room and assess the furniture you have. Are you keeping some pieces? Throwing it all out and starting over? You will probably think about how many people sit on the furniture and how it needs to fit in the room. You will probably take some measurements.

When we go clothes shopping we don’t do this, we go in and wing it! Why? It takes thought and planning to create a wardrobe that reflects your personal style and is functional for your life. 

If this has you feeling overwhelmed or questioning your style, check out my packages and reach out, we can make this easy and fun.