Does this season's jeans & boots have you confused?

Jeans and boots are a classic go to uniform for the winter… Today’s version of the look has gotten super chic and a little challenging to decode. Jeans are cropped, flared, embellished, or straight and boots are short, chunky, funky, or flat this season.

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Stop saving your clothes for "good".... enjoy them now!!

 I always worked really hard to be able to buy really nice clothes.  So when I would finally acquire the items, I didn’t want to mess it up.  I would end up keeping them “for good” and never got the most possible enjoyment out of these investment items. 

There were plenty of times I forgot that I had these precious items.  When the occasion was finally right to put on such a piece sometimes they didn’t fit as well as they did when I purchased it or it was out of style and it didn't look current. 

Moral of the story… there is no day like today to put on something special! 

Here are a few tips to getting those items in your outfit rotation

  • Pull out 3 items you save for “good” hang them on the door or in the front of your closet and wear them within the next week.

  • Dress down a piece if you feel it’s a little dressy for your daily life with casual basics like a white tee, jeans, or sneakers.

  • It’s finally getting warmer out so pair a frilly dress with a pair of flat sandals and a denim jacket... go out and have some fun!

This is now I have been enjoying some of my "good pieces"

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