Should I buy it?

Right now is spring’s version of black Friday… stores of putting their spring / summer clothing on sale and they are slashing prices.  Barney’s, Bergdorf’s, and Saks are having up to 60% off, and net-a-porter is up to 70% off,  It can get very overwhelming and want to make sure you are thinking clearly when you are in the fitting room or hitting that add to cart button.

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself before decide add something new to your wardrobe.

Does it enhance your current wardrobe?
Is this something that you have been looking for when you are getting dressed?  Does it go with the color palette you have in your wardrobe?  Will you wear it at least 5 times? 

Does it fit your current lifestyle?
Is this piece for your life at this exact moment… not pre-kids, not if you lived on a tropical island, or if you suddenly became a philanthropist that attended 15 galas a year?  You should only be investing in pieces that when you now… not who you may be if you had this piece hanging in your closet :)

Do you already have it?
Admit it.. you have 4 white shirts that look exactly alike, 3 dresses that you mistake for one another, and a handful of grey sweaters. We all do it… buy the same thing over and over again…because they look good on you, because they are useful, because we love them!  If you already own it…. Put it back!!!!

Does it enhance your look? 
Sometimes we fall in love at first sight … we can’t believe how amazing it is and that is actually in your hands… this happens very often when an item is on sale.  When you try it on you are already so attached to it that you don’t take the time to consider that it may not look so great on you.  You have to ask yourself do you want this pieces more than you want to look good.

Will you regret it if you leave the store without it?
My clients are the most hardworking and giving people I know… they usually put themselves last and don’t would rather buy something for someone in their family rather than themselves.  Sometimes it is my job to allow them to spoil themselves just a little as a reward for all of their hard work.  So ask yourself what will you be thinking about this item in a few days if you leave the store without it?


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