How many times have you gotten dressed, looked in the mirror and thought “Something looks ‘off’ here”?

 o you have a top and bottom that you love and you think – now this will make a perfect outfit.  However, when you put it on there is just something not right about it.  The styles, colors, patterns look good but there is just something off.  Sometimes I would play with the outfit and think – maybe if the top was shorter or the skirt was longer.  I never could quite figure out the problem until I learned about the impact of proportion on my outfit and the Rule of Thirds.

First,  a little background – the Golden Ratio is a mathematical ratio, represented by the Greek letter phi, and is used in mathematics, architecture and art…and also fashion. The ancient Greeks claimed that a 1/3 to 2/3 ratio is the most aesthetically pleasing division of spaces. In fashion, this is often referred to as “the Rule of Thirds.”



An example of the Golden Ratio in architecture is the Eiffel Tower – see how it breaks visually into 2/3 on the top and 1/3 on the bottom?

Applying the Rule of Thirds to Your Outfits

Proportion is the framework with which we build our outfits, consciously or not. And the relative proportion of color or design elements can make or break a look.

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Think about building separates like the Eiffel Tower is built.  As you put your items together divide your overall look into thirds rather than half or quarters.  A balanced one-to-one ratio can be dull or boring. Unbalanced proportions are much more interesting and pleasing to look at.

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