When it's okay to wear black


I love wearing color and usually discourage my clients from wearing black.  Besides loving to spice things up a little, I do have my reasons for denying the ease of wearing black including it can be draining, it ages you, and it’s not gonna cheer you up during a low point in your day like green will!

There are a few times when I encourage black...

When you are buying something inexpensive
When I’m shopping at a fast fashion retailers like forever21, h&m, or topshop I usually opt for the  black option.  Inexpensive fabrics and not the best workmenship are hidden when black material is used.  Here are a few of fast fashion pieces in black that I loving.

Black & Navy
I love black and navy... it is probably my favorite color combination.   I find it extremely chic, always in style, and easy to wear.  The blue of the navy helps to brighten up the black making it a little less morbid. 

Use black to minimize
Want to hide the baby weight on .your tummy from a few years ago?  Try a black top!  Wish your hips were a little smaller?  Wear black pants.  Black minimizes so wear it on the bigger parts of your body. Bring attention and play up your favorite parts with a lighter color.

Not much is better than a black leather jacket
A black leather jacket is a wardrobe staple for me.  It the perfect way to make a conservative dress a little edgy and looks amazing with jeans and a sweater. This time of year is also a great time to invest since fall/ winter items are going on sale and it will always be in style

Wearing black is all about balance
When wearing black keep in mind that it is draining!  if you are wearing it near your face you may need to wear a little more makeup or a bright color accessory to balance the black.

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