Is your closet jammed packed with clothes, but you have nothing to wear?

Most people only wear 1/3 of what's hanging in their closet.  They are still holding onto pieces from another life making them unable to see items they love. Go through your closet asking yourself when's the last time I wore this and did I feel great when I did.  If there is something you are not certain about, hang it front and center in your closet reminding yourself to put it on.  If you don't wear it in two months it's time to donate or sell.


Do you have clothing hanging in your closet with tags still on them?

Stop buying something because it's a good deal or on sale. Don't get me wrong, I love a deal, sale, coupon code, and would twerk for a birkin.  But, It's not a good deal if it's been hanging there for a year and never been worn. Before buying something with any sort of promotion... ask yourself "Would I buy this if it was full price?"  if the answer is no... PUT IT BACK!


Are you missing the basics?

Do you have lots of statement pieces that you love, but are bored with? You can be missing key items.  These staple items are the glue that helps put all your outfits together.  Click here to find a list of my favorite staples.


Are you thinking "When am I gonna do this?"

Does all of this info sound great... but you are thinking when am I going to do all of this and where do I start?   I don't have the time to get rid of the clothes that i don't wear, create new looks from the clothes I already own, and shop for key items that will elevate my wardrobe!  For the price of a designer jeans I can help you revamp your wardrobe and save you tons because you are only buying clothing you love me at to schedule a time to chat to review the details.