Style lessons we can learn from our High School self

Do you remember what it felt like when you went clothes shopping for back to school?

I LOVED it! I loved figuring out what I needed to buy, what was cool and the newest style. I remember trying to decide what to wear first. Of course, the first week of September was still hot, and all my clothes were meant for cooler weather. But I always wanted to wear all my new clothes even if that meant being hot all day. The world was our runway. We couldn't wait to show off our clothes every day. 

Oh how that has changed now that we are adults. Now we want to save our clothes. We don't wear our best stuff every day. We aren't as excited to get dressed each day. Things have changed!

Why aren't you wearing your clothes? What's stopping you? Where is that block coming from?

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Our day to day life isn't good enough for us to wear our best. We think "I'm just going to the playground" or "I'm just working from home." We keep waiting for the right time to wear the clothes we love. 

Why do we want to wait? We often think we don't want to ruin these clothes that we love. Maybe we spent a lot of money on it, it's particularly pretty, or it's a little fancier than we might typically choose. Perhaps we love it so much we can't stand the idea of something spilling on it, or our kids smudging something on it. 

Leaving the clothes, you love in your closet will probably keep them clean. But they may go out of style, won't fit, or you'll fall out of love with it. Clothes don't last forever, even if we don't wear them.

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You go shopping and come home with something so lovely! You love all of it, the fit and the color are perfect. Six months later, you still haven't worn it. (Most of us only wear 20% of our wardrobe!) It may not fit perfectly into your lifestyle, but THIS is your life. Most of us are not doing lunch at the Ritz or having tea with the queen. If you love it, you should be wearing it!

When you wear something you love, you build your confidence. Confidence helps us to feel good, when you feel good, you're more likely to take a chance on yourself, ask for the sale, or approach the potential mom friend on the playground. Let's face it; whatever you're doing, you deserve to dress your best.

So break out those A+ wardrobe pieces and don't settle for a C average when it comes to fashion this back to school season!

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