How to conceal a Mummy Tummy....

I have a lot of moms come to me for various reasons… they have a closet full of suits and aren’t sure what to wear to a playgroup to meet new mom friends, they are going back to work after taking sometime off and have no clue where to start, or they could wear a variety of forever 21 and h&m prior kids… but thats not cutting it any more especially with their new bodies. Let’s face it having a kid does a number on your body! It is never the same even no matter how much you diet, exercise, and complain The area that I hear that is most concerning is the post baby stomach (aka mummy tummy, mom pooch, or jelly belly.)

I'm a major proponent of focusing on the positive when it comes to body image... so I suggest drawing attention to what you love about yourself... draw attention up by wearing a statement necklace, an interesting neckline, or embellishment on your shoulders... If you love your legs wear a printed pant or a textured tight. Here’s some of my printed favorite pants and most are on sale… SCORE!

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Wearing an embellishment on your shoulders draws the attention towards your face instead of your midsection.

I love this fun ruffle and bead one from Anthropologie… you can find it here.

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Wearing something that lengthens your body is another trick I use... like a long necklace, a vertical detail or buttons... this forces someones eye to look up & down instead of left to right.

If you are looking to conceal your mid-section, I suggest looking for styles that are fitted by your bust and a little looser near your stomach (i.e. empire waist, peplum, ruched, or a faux wrap style.) Some may think to wear something baggy, but that actually makes you look larger and bulky. Here are some of my go to midsection concealing tops!

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