Using Style as a Form of Self Care

Self care is a term that’s been thrown around a ton these days especially during the holidays when everyone's running around buying gifts, planning parties, and fighting colds. Podcasts, instagram, and emails from Nordstrom tell us to slow down and treat ourselves. I’ve had people tell me that style seems like the opposite of self-care to them…. in their eyes it involves judgment, rules, stress, comparison, and disappointment. Their thoughts are completely valid since the fashion industry is fueled by tapping into our insecurities and fear of missing out, but I challenge them to look at Style in a different way.

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I’ve come to realize that this is major connection, as one will feed the other and it doesn’t really matter where you begin. Personally, I find it easier to feel good if I look good first. When you take the time to decide how you are going to show up you are broadcasting to yourself and to everyone around you that you deserve to put yourself first and that you are a force to be reckoned with. It also helps to remind ourselves that we have control over our image and how we are perceived.


Focus on what you love about your self and draw attention to that! When we think about dressing for our body we think about the things that we don’t like and how do we hide or distract from that specific part…instead let’s make it positive! Remember that like enhances like. Wear items of clothing that mimic your features in order to draw attention to them.

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Link the color of your eyes to your clothing of accessories to draw attention to them

Long Island stylist

Highlight a favorite part of you body by cinching it or using an embellishment

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Wear a ruffle detail to enhance the texture of your hair!


Personal style is exactly that… personal! Break the rules…. make fun of my emails and style tips! Dress in a way that makes you feel confident and fabulous! But do take the time to find your own style and wear pieces that you love!