What are you wearing this holiday season?

The holidays are like the prom for adults… An excuse to dress up, wear something you wouldn’t wear in March, and let your unique personality shine! My goal as a stylist is to make it easy for busy moms to feel confident and look polished every day! I love finding pieces that are not only fabulous, they also flattering to a client’s body type. 


This season I am loving all of the fun sequin jumpsuits! If you’ve worn jumpsuits before you would know it’s hard to find one that is really flattering since there is a lot going on there.  I suggest looking for one that has a v-neckline.  A V-neck draws the attention up towards your face and away from your mid-section… an area most moms I know are trying to distract from.  V-necks also guide the eye in a vertical direction giving the illusion of being taller and slimmer.  Steer clear from a jumpsuit with pockets.  Pockets draw attention to your hips and make them look larger than they actually are.  Here’s a link to few of my favorites….


Moms on the run like you try to jam pack as many things into a day as possible in order to create that balance of being #1 mom and having some sort of life of your own.  This eliminates some of luxuries we had pre-child like going home and getting ready for drinks with the girls or a holiday party.  The easiest way to make the transition from work-mode to party mode is to put on a pair of fun heels and add a little sparkle.  When wearing a statement shoe, be sure to wear an accessory to draw the attention back to your face.  The goal is for someone to notice your killer shoes and then go back to your face to listen to your words of wisdom.  This can be accomplished with an earring, necklace, scarf, or coordinating lipstick (i.e. red shoe with a red lip) Here are a few of fab shoe and accessory combos…

bring the attention of a fab shoe back to your face.png


A chic jacket is a New Yorker’s version of a sports car…. And the holidays are the perfect excuse to experiment with a statement jacket.  It’s no fun to show up at a holiday party covering your fancy frock with the ¾ length puffer jacket you wear on the soccer field. The good news is you’ll have the jacket after the holidays to wear to weddings, girl’s nights, and date nights instead of that same puffer!  When looking for coat… don’t go for the black… it’s draining and makes you look even paler than you feel.  So for something with a little more of a pop… check out these

How to Layer?-8.png

“When you are confident about how you present yourself, you are able to show up and conquer anything the day brings you!”

-  Melanie Lippman

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