Style lessons we can learn from our High School self

Do you remember what it felt like when you went clothes shopping for back to school?

I LOVED it! I loved figuring out what I needed to buy, what was cool and the newest style. I remember trying to decide what to wear first. Of course, the first week of September was still hot, and all my clothes were meant for cooler weather. But I always wanted to wear all my new clothes even if that meant being hot all day. The world was our runway. We couldn't wait to show off our clothes every day. 

Oh how that has changed now that we are adults. Now we want to save our clothes. We don't wear our best stuff every day. We aren't as excited to get dressed each day. Things have changed!

Why aren't you wearing your clothes? What's stopping you? Where is that block coming from?

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Our day to day life isn't good enough for us to wear our best. We think "I'm just going to the playground" or "I'm just working from home." We keep waiting for the right time to wear the clothes we love. 

Why do we want to wait? We often think we don't want to ruin these clothes that we love. Maybe we spent a lot of money on it, it's particularly pretty, or it's a little fancier than we might typically choose. Perhaps we love it so much we can't stand the idea of something spilling on it, or our kids smudging something on it. 

Leaving the clothes, you love in your closet will probably keep them clean. But they may go out of style, won't fit, or you'll fall out of love with it. Clothes don't last forever, even if we don't wear them.

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You go shopping and come home with something so lovely! You love all of it, the fit and the color are perfect. Six months later, you still haven't worn it. (Most of us only wear 20% of our wardrobe!) It may not fit perfectly into your lifestyle, but THIS is your life. Most of us are not doing lunch at the Ritz or having tea with the queen. If you love it, you should be wearing it!

When you wear something you love, you build your confidence. Confidence helps us to feel good, when you feel good, you're more likely to take a chance on yourself, ask for the sale, or approach the potential mom friend on the playground. Let's face it; whatever you're doing, you deserve to dress your best.

So break out those A+ wardrobe pieces and don't settle for a C average when it comes to fashion this back to school season!

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7 Seconds is all it takes to form an impression!

Did you know that when people meet you, they make an assessment of you in about 7 seconds? 

That’s why your style can be such a valuable tool, it can communicate a lot of what you want these people to know about you right off the bat. Together, you and I can create a strategy for your style that is based on your goals and what you want to portray to people. 

Whether your goal is to make mom friends on the playground, get a promotion, or rule the board room - there's a balance to creating an appropriate style. You don’t want to show up to the playground wearing four-inch heels, but you probably don't want to just show up in PJs. Similarly, you don’t want to show up to a boardroom in ill-fitting clothes, but you also don’t want to be wearing a full suit when everyone else in business casual. 

Regardless of your goals, I want you to wear clothes that you like and feel comfortable in. Comfort and confidence will help you (and your style) go further in any situation.

So how do you determine that? What is it you should wear? Here are a few tips to get you started:

Pick one thing that stands out.
Wearing something unique is a conversation starter, and if you know when and how to wear a conversation starter, it can be a fantastic tool in creating connections with people. This can be your shoes, a statement necklace, or a unique piece of clothing. I’ve been known to say that a coat is a new yorkers car. They are walking to and from meetings and walking into those meetings wearing their coat. Most people in that situational feel much more comfortable when they love their coat and the vibe it gives off. If everyone else is wearing a black coat and you can find an eggplant color coat you love, that’s going to get you noticed.

Pick one thing that stands out. Wearing something unique is a conversation starter, and if you know when and how to wear a conversation starter, it can be a fantastic tool in creating connections with people. This can be your shoes, a statement necklace, or a unique piece of clothing. I’ve been known to say that a coat is a new yorkers car. They are walking to and from meetings and walking into those meetings wearing their coat. Most people in that situational feel much more comfortable when they love their coat and the vibe it gives off. If everyone else is wearing a black coat and you can find an eggplant color coat you love, that’s going to get you noticed.

Color Matters
Knowing which colors look good on you is an essential part of creating a style that works for you. Colors can highlight a part of your body, and some colors can help hide elements you want to subdue. Colors that look good on you make you look well-rested, brighter faced, you have a natural glow and contrarily wearing some colors can make you looked drained and tired.


Color matters.

75% of people look bad in black. There are also universal colors that look good on everyone but if you want to know for sure about works for you, hire someone, like me, to help!

Dress for your body type. 
When we start working together, we’ll have a real conversation about what you like and what you don't like it about your body. I can help you accentuate positives and balance your style to counteract the things you don't like, trust me, I know how to cover up a big tush. ;-) 

You’ve heard me say to ignore the dressing rules you’ve heard your whole life. In this process, we throw out those rules and instead create your own fashion formula that works for your body, your style, and your goals.

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Wear clothes that speak to you.
You want your style to feel true to who you are. It’s not all about how you look and feel but also what is practical. I look great in A-Line dresses, but I'm not going to wear those every day. It helps to identify what else gives you confidence it could be a manicure, a blowout, a watch, or accessories. Anything that adds to your style and helps you feel great should be a staple in your self-care/personal style routines.

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When we combine all of these aspects of a personal style, we create a strategy for you. This helps so many of my clients. I have many linear minded clients - professional doctors, lawyers, computer scientists, etc. who are looking for a cut and dry answer. They are not creative, and they’re not going to experiment. So this strategy can provide the rules they crave. On the flipside, y clients in the creative fields often need their formula from this strategy keeps them from going all willy nilly with no real rhyme or reason.

So next time you make a plan to go shopping, take a minute to go through these tips and to really create a strategy first. I promise it will be a much more enjoyable and productive shopping experience. Or, as always, you can just give me a call and we’ll conquer it together!

Accessorizing with Intention!

Accessorizing with Intention!

One of my absolute favorite things to share with my clients is the confidence to accessorize and add more color into their wardrobe.  You are able to bring an outfit to the next level by using accessories… but that sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to start and how to avoid looking like you just raided your grandmother’s attic.

“I like to think of accessories as the glue that holds your outfit together…It pulls everything together to have it make sense.”

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How to conceal a Mummy Tummy....

How to conceal a Mummy Tummy....

I have a lot of moms come to me for various reasons… they have a closet full of suits and aren’t sure what to wear to a playgroup to meet new mom friends, they are going back to work after taking sometime off and have no clue where to start, or they could wear a variety of forever 21 and h&m prior kids… but thats not cutting it any more especially with their new bodies. Let’s face it having a kid does a number on your body! It is never the same even no matter how much you diet, exercise, and complain The area that I hear that is most concerning is the post baby stomach (aka mummy tummy, mom pooch, or jelly belly.)

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Using Style as a Form of Self Care

Using Style as a Form of Self Care

I’ve had people tell me that style seems like the opposite of self-care to them…. in their eyes it involves judgment, rules, stress, comparison, and disappointment. Their thoughts are completely valid since the fashion industry is fueled by tapping into our insecurities and fear of missing out, but I challenge them to look at Style in a different way.

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What are you wearing this holiday season?

What are you wearing this holiday season?

The holidays are like the prom for adults… An excuse to dress up, wear something you wouldn’t wear in March, and let your unique personality shine! My goal as a stylist is to make it easy for busy moms to feel confident and look polished every day! I love finding pieces that are not only fabulous, they also flattering to a client’s body type

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Does this season's jeans & boots have you confused?

Jeans and boots are a classic go to uniform for the winter… Today’s version of the look has gotten super chic and a little challenging to decode. Jeans are cropped, flared, embellished, or straight and boots are short, chunky, funky, or flat this season.

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Transitional Pieces

Transitional Pieces

A few key pieces will make this time of influx chic and seamless. I find that it is best to layer up since it’s typically chilly in the morning, warm at lunch time, and back to chilly in the evening,  You want to have a great game plan so you won’t be caught off guard!  Always remember you may need to shed a layer at anytime and want to love your base layer since you maybe wearing it all day. 

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Keep warm in style without breaking the bank

Today is December 21st... not only my husband's birthday, it i also the first day of winter.  I am already shopping for my warm weather trip in February... which means I am getting sick of the cold weather.  One way I always beat the winter blues to get a winter coat that I LOVE and enjoy wearing!  

This season there are three jacket styles that are chic and cozy!  All three  were originally designed by European Fashion brands and could have you shelling out around $3,000 for each coat. Sometimes I don't feel like making such a major investment in a piece that I may not find myself loving next season!   I have done the research for you... here are this seasons key coats that won't damage your wallet.

The Aviator Jacket
This shearling lined flight jacket usually metal buckles at the hem and the collar.  This is the winterized version of the bomber jacket. You probably have seen this jacket by Acne Studios  that retails for $2,700 on celebs.

aviator jacket

These are the best Aviator Jackets around that don't cost an arm and a leg.

The Asymmetrical Puffer Jacket
This is not your run of the mill down jacket.  The asymmetrical puffer jacket keeps you warm while making a statement.  This is Balenziaga's puffer that costs $2,850.

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These are some perfectly priced puffers.... now say that three times fast!

The Fur Lined Parkra
I completely went GAGA for this jacket last year when spotting a MR & MRS Italy fur parka last year in a local boutique.   I looked at the $7,000 price tag, rolled my eyes, and stored the information in my brain for later internet perusing... give the girl a fashion mission and she will achieve it!  


Here are a few great options whose price tags don't cause an eye roll. 

Want more great tips on how to great and not break the bank sign up for my newsletters better yet contact me at for personalized pieces to enhance your wardrobe!

Should I buy it?

Right now is spring’s version of black Friday… stores of putting their spring / summer clothing on sale and they are slashing prices.  Barney’s, Bergdorf’s, and Saks are having up to 60% off, and net-a-porter is up to 70% off,  It can get very overwhelming and want to make sure you are thinking clearly when you are in the fitting room or hitting that add to cart button.

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself before decide add something new to your wardrobe.

Does it enhance your current wardrobe?
Is this something that you have been looking for when you are getting dressed?  Does it go with the color palette you have in your wardrobe?  Will you wear it at least 5 times? 

Does it fit your current lifestyle?
Is this piece for your life at this exact moment… not pre-kids, not if you lived on a tropical island, or if you suddenly became a philanthropist that attended 15 galas a year?  You should only be investing in pieces that when you now… not who you may be if you had this piece hanging in your closet :)

Do you already have it?
Admit it.. you have 4 white shirts that look exactly alike, 3 dresses that you mistake for one another, and a handful of grey sweaters. We all do it… buy the same thing over and over again…because they look good on you, because they are useful, because we love them!  If you already own it…. Put it back!!!!

Does it enhance your look? 
Sometimes we fall in love at first sight … we can’t believe how amazing it is and that is actually in your hands… this happens very often when an item is on sale.  When you try it on you are already so attached to it that you don’t take the time to consider that it may not look so great on you.  You have to ask yourself do you want this pieces more than you want to look good.

Will you regret it if you leave the store without it?
My clients are the most hardworking and giving people I know… they usually put themselves last and don’t would rather buy something for someone in their family rather than themselves.  Sometimes it is my job to allow them to spoil themselves just a little as a reward for all of their hard work.  So ask yourself what will you be thinking about this item in a few days if you leave the store without it?


Click here to find some terrific classic pieces on sale


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Not your grandmother's pearls

Not your grandmother's pearls

Gucci Creative Director, Alessandro Michele, used Pearls as one of the many elements to jazz up Gucci's extremely coveted opulent pieces.  What I love about pearl adornment is that it has a classic look and can be worn during the day, while sequins and studs may be a little much for the office. 

The great news is... the pearls have caught on and you don't have to pay Gucci prices to get a pearl-dazzled piece in your wardrobe.  

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What happens during a closet edit?

What happens during a closet edit?

After our session, you will receive an interactive look book of all of your outfits… getting dressed each morning will take seconds.  Imagine you click on a pair of shoes and possible outfits popup!! 

You’ll be amazed with the end results… It will be effortless for you to look great and feel confident every day!!!

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